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Mother Care

Youth fade; passion drops; friendship leaves fall; but the love of a mother survives all of them. Motherhood is a rebirth for you, we respect it as much as you do at the 24-hour pharmacy! "Motherhood, along with fatigue, usher in unprecedented happiness.Nothing else will ever make you both happy and tired at the same time. But when you're a mother, you forget your own health?Side effects of pregnancy Backache is a very common complaint for expecting mothers along with rib pain, exacerbated by long standing, lifting heavy objects or sleeping awkwardly. It is also common to tingle the sensation or dryness of nipples. Throughout the pregnancy, tenderness of the breasts is often continuous and generally increases towards birth. Similarly, stretch marks affect 50-90% of pregnant women on the buttocks, thighs, hips, upper arms, lower back, or breasts. If left untreated, they become permanent. But we believe that if women are mothers, they don't have to sacrifice personality.To be persons, they don't have to sacrifice motherhood.– Elaine Heffner Products At 24hours pharmacy we have a number of solutions to take care of your worries.The Pregnancy Belt (also known as a Trochanteric Belt or Pelvic Belt) is made up of a stretch back support with a double fabric back panel and Velcro fastening, designed to support the Sacro-Iliac joint in all pregnancy stages. Nipple Shields (plastic shells with holes worn over nipples) can be used for flat and inverted nipples.Women with a low supply of milk can also use breast pumps to promote lactation. It can also be used to relieve breast engorgement or to express, which is stored and fed to the child. A health breast support with deep band beneath the cups and Wide shoulder straps with adjustable closure can help to give breast discomfort. Similarly, keeping your skin extremely moisturized during pregnancy and through your recovery to the weight of pregnancy, with suitable oils or creams marketed especially for the prevention of stretch marks will help to keep your skin soft and flexible. The various types of vitamins and oils used to create these formulas to treat various collagen production and to keep the dermis, & skin intact despite the rigorous stretching. During pregnancy you should also take folic acid supplements as this reduces the incidence of birth abnormalities in the child. The most important time for taking folic acid is before conception and the first 3 months of pregnancy. .

Our products

Diabetes care

Diabetes Mellitus is one amongst the top 10 killer diseases of the world. Control and management of this condition is of the utmost importance and can be achieved through diet control and supplementation..

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Eye care

We hardly make any effort to keep them healthy as important as the eye is. There are basic daily routines that can prevent and improve eye conditions such as weakness, glaucoma, cataract, infections, etc

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Foot Care

Our feet carry us around and we treat them with much less care than we should. Wearing eh right shoes, keeping feet aerated and clean are the most important steps. Our foot care products will make sure your foot are never ill-treated again.

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Hair Care

As beautiful as hair makes us look, neglecting it can break a day. Damaged, dull and thinning hair are all signs of nutritional imbalance and/or failure at maintaining cleanliness of the scalp. 24hours pharmacy hair products will help regain the beauty of your hair, with ease of choosing with expert advice.

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Our lifestyle determines our health and longevity. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we have a wide range of lifestyle products ranging from pedometers and weighing scales to Nike fuel bands and fashion lenses.

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Nutrition is the whole and sole determinant of wellness and good health. Deficiency of even a single nutrient may lead to some chronic illnesses. 24hours pharmacies not only have nutritional supplements. But also trained pharmacists who guide and advise on correct dietary plans and healthy solutions.

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Oral Care

Our mouth harbours more bacteria than a toilet seat. Therefore, caring for the mouth and making sure none of these bacteria harm us requires prime attention. 24hours pharmacies have the widest range of oral care products that will ensure your smile remains healthy along with being beautiful.

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Personal Care

Nutrition ensures inner body health. But personal care and hygiene ensures holistic fitness. Our pharmacies have washes for all areas of the body, trimmers for men and women, lotions etc.

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Rehab and Home Care

Falling down is a step in learning and we make sure that you learn much but bear less out of your falls. Our rehab and home care products include a big collection of walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, heating pads etc.

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Respiratory Care

Breathing is our prime life function. But sometimes issues such as cough and more serious issues such chest pains arise; 24hours Pharmacies is available anytime for needs of nebulisers, inhalers etc. We make sure you fill life in every breath.

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Skin Care

The outer covering of the body protects us from heat and light, injury and infection. Skin regulates body temperatures and stores water, fat and vitamin D. Some daily care steps and skin care products are essential for its longevity and health.

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Weight Mangement

AOur children are our future and nurturing the future is our responsibility. we have a large baby care products range in our pharmacy.

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